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"Just wanted to know if you got your money yet. I just want to make sure it got to you ok."

I have not received it yet, but the mail hasn’t came yet today. :) i will let you know when I have received it.


Both admins have been harboring the idea of handing over the blog for some time now. We pushed the idea away convinced that we could handle the blog, but the truth is that we have both gotten older. We have graduated, joined the work force, entered romantic relationships, and are living life with…

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Why Jonghyun should be on everyone’s bias list (for oppajonghyun).

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A wild dinopuppy appeared!

"Hey just wondering which Baekhyun photo card do you have and how much are you selling it for? ^^"

I would honestly just send it to you lol. it is the one from the Paradise album. Send me a private message with your address and such if you want it. :)

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I am selling TONS of Kpop CDs and photo cards. If you would like to purchase any, I would love to talk about the prices to you. 

I currently have: 

Taeyang Solar Concert DVD (2 DVD and 1 CD as well as Taeyang YG Family Card)

GD Heartbreaker CD

Infinite Paradise CD

Infinite Infinitize CD

Shinee Sherlock CD

Memory in FTIsland CD

F.Cuz No One CD

BAP Warrior CD

BAP  No Mercy CD

BAP Power CD

Teen Top Roman CD

Super Junior M Perfection Repackage CD

Super Junior M Super Girl CD

B1A4 It B1A4 CD

Exo M Mama CD

Exo K Mama CD

OneWay One Street CD (Signed)

OneWay Rainy Days CD (Signed)

Shinee in Barecelona Book

Photo Cards:  Woohyun (Infinite), Baekhyun (EXO), Gongchan (B1A4), Taemin (Shinee)

can you get any cuter?

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